Security & Surveillance Services

Security & Surveillance Services

With a vision to strengthen our surroundings with next level of digital security systems, Infinte Telesolutions Pvt Ltd is a technology intensive company, we are engaged in design, engineering of globally accepted digital security products and solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential establishments.

The regular technical and market research have greatly improved our technical standards and management capabilities. Highly qualified engineers and motivated employees are directly responsible for our privileged success in a little period of time. Our 'CEE' and 'ROHS' certifications vouch for our compliance to international standards and ensure our customers get the most advanced solutions.

Infinte Telesolutions, established in year 2000 with an aim and commitment to become a pioneer “Security Solutions” provider in India, driven by core values with highest integrity, transparency and delivering the highest quality of products and services.

In a span of just over two decades, the company has established itself in a position of preeminence as one of the largest Security & Surveillance Solution Provider, contributing significantly towards the growth of electronic surveillance and security systems, in India.

With a strong and sharp focus on customer’s needs and change in customer preferences and requirements over the past decades, we not only design and develop safety solutions but are also creating a sense for future safety, through offering and designing security solutions (Security 360) with latest available technology Across the World that are intelligent and safe.

Our product portfolio offer integrated services & solutions for CCTV System, IP Based CCTV, Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Security Management, PA (Public Announcement System), Parking Solutions, Biometric Solutions, BMS (Building Management System) Video Conferencing Solutions for corporate, ARM / Gun Detector Solution, Visitor Management.

The Company has an enthusiastic and well qualified team having specialization and expertise in providing above services, to meet the desired goal of our customers. The company has successfully executed substantial number of projects for Elite clients, which serves as a Testimony to its excellence.

We strongly intend to eradicate loopholes and, faults in existing security systems so that our customers have Peace at Sleep.